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How to correctly use remote monitoring system of the infrared camera

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  Now people more and more specifications to the requirement of TV monitoring system engineering, more and more high, on important places do 24 hours of continuous monitoring, infrared monitoring role is more prominent in the night.Infrared technology in order to adapt to at night or dark, light and other places of special applications, arises at the historic moment.It won a wide recognition in the field of the whole video monitoring.Infrared integrated camera various techniques, especially the monitoring optical lens plays a key role in it.

  Night vision camera imaging principle and classification

  Before say infrared is also monitoring camera, let's say is well imaging principle of monitoring/remote video monitoring type with night vision surveillance products.

  Imaging principle:

  The imaging principle of remote monitoring and control system/video monitoring is to convert the information contained in light to can judge by the human eye image signal, thus, light, is the "necessity" video monitoring.If the environment is low or light illumination, the video monitoring system will become a decoration.To this, the current industry mainly adopts the function of 4 kinds of imaging technology to implement the night vision monitoring.

  In low intensity of illumination, camera by switching the infrared filter to receive natural light environment 0.75 ~ 1000 m near infrared region, and video processing algorithm, through ascension to the camera to read the received image information carried by near infrared region.Such cameras front are placed with a photosensitive resistance, when switching illumination environment illumination to the camera setting value, the camera automatically switches infrared filter;To rely on algorithm to deal with low illumination video, the most typical of low illumination image processing algorithm is automatic gain function, the proposed algorithm can with the loss of the environmental illumination and automatic screen brightness.The fire warning

  Product analysis:

  Ordinary infrared camera, the price is cheap, the market popularity is high, is mainly used to plot monitoring, the corridor monitoring as well as some short need night vision surveillance places a small scale.And at the same time because the products to enter the threshold is low, good and evil people mixed up, product quality good and bad are intermingled.Because the physical limits of the technology itself, make it hard for common LED lamp irradiation distance to exceed 100 meters.

  Hand carrying fire pump laser camera, the image effect is good, clearly visible.Can identify within 1 km, found that within 3 km, restore the scene actual situation.Monitoring distance, strong commonality, adapt to the environment, long service life and low risk.(also note: the active light emitting laser light source of laser camera, generally the human eye is not visible, when in use of high power laser camera, the human eye is not to close the eye on the laser light source).On the ability to penetrate the fog, compared with infrared cameras have absolute advantages, compared with infrared thermal imager, there are still a certain gap.But in terms of price, than the infrared thermal imager and the light night.Gas leakage alarm

  The infrared thermal imager and light night, used for environment is the military, police, man-portable specialized fields, such as product price will be more expensive.Light night illumination requirements, to the environment under the condition of no moonlight light natural light can't imaging, and the monitoring distance is limited, more than 1000 m more difficult.And, under the glare, light pipe burn easily, can't use during the day.Infrared thermal imager and can be divided into cooling type and the type of refrigeration, better ability to penetrate the fog, refrigeration type thermal imager observation distance can reach 40 kilometers, is often used in military field.Demand is high, and to use the environment to the target and the surrounding environment of temperature difference can be a good imaging.From the influence of ambient temperature, poor image of summer.Because the camera laser light source is, however, is not visible to the human eye, with a certain concealment and night vision monitoring distance technology advantages, in recent years also gradually by judicial organs, method skill, forensic field video and television special video report of investigation, wide used in the military field.