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Heavy type Chemical Protective Suits
  • Heavy type Chemical Protective Suits

Heavy type Chemical Protective Suits

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  一、Equipped with overview and USES

  Heavy anti chemical clothing using the flame retardant tackifying processing of silk and silk, double-sided coated flame retardant chemical protective surface glue, made in case of fire, the only have a carbonization, does not produce melting drops, and can keep good strength adhesive as main material, the joint - sewing paste process made the main body of the clothes and gloves and flame resistance, chemical resistance, voltage, resistance to puncture the boots.

  二、Main technical parameters

  1.Fire flame retardant chemical protective tape performance chemical protective clothing

  2.Fire chemical protective clothing fabric thickness:0.45±0.05mm

  3.Fire chemical protective clothing tensile strength:warp and weft≥450N/5cm

  4.Fire chemical protective clothing resistance to tear strength:≥32N

  5.Fire chemical protective clothing the permeability performance of acid and alkali:10 mm liquid column 1 h impermeable

  6.3.Quality (M):≤5kg

  三、Use method and matters needing attention

  Before using, check to ensure that the built-in respirator to work normally. Fix and adjust the chemical protective clothing fully open, built-in respirator. To wear at the bottom of the first, and then wear sleeves, then wear a head. Adjust the mask. Even the built-in ventilator hose connector on the mask, and open the valve. The chemical protective clothing fully closed (head and back).