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Cotton insulation clothing
  • Cotton insulation clothing

Cotton insulation clothing

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  一、Equipped with overview and USES

  Fireproof heat insulation clothing is made of heat reflection flame retardant materials after special craft processing into fireproof heat insulation material, after special sewing equipment, unique cutting technology, fine workmanship, the multi-channel working procedure.Fireproof heat insulation clothing consists of outer layer, insulating layer, comfortable compounded multi-layer fabric, such as the combination of material allows made into single layer or multi-layer.Fireproof heat insulation clothing outer layer should be used with reflection radiant heat of the surface of the metal aluminum foil material, and can meet the requirements of basic clothing manufacture craft and supplementary material corresponding to the performance requirements of the standard.

  Protective clothing when working in high temperature places, in case of strong thermal radiation, such as: iron and steel industry, metallurgical industry, casting industry, oil industry, gas industry and other industries of high temperature fire protective clothing, etc., used for personal protection, fire fighting and rescue work.

  二、Main performance parameters

  1.Materials categories: fire, flame retardant organic inorganic fiber composite fabrics fiber composite fabrics;

  2.Strong heat radiation, high temperature resistant, fire retardant, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, easy to clean, waterproof, prevent oil, high strength.