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The state council on

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  The committee office of the state council about henan pingdingshan "5.25"

  Special major fire accident report

  Ann so meiden [2015] no. 13

  Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and xinjiang production and construction corps production safety committee, committee member units concerned under the state council:

  On May 25, pingdingshan lushan county of henan province Eden health elderly apartment fire accident, killed 38 people, 6 people were injured.Accident exposed the production and business operation entities irregularities with flammable combustible materials for the core material of color steel plate, building fire resistance rating is low;Project construction, design is not in conformity with the relevant requirements, safety evacuation channel narrow;Loopholes in safety management, power management is not standard, with fire hidden governance, not in time of emergency disposal ability is insufficient;Local governments and related departments supervision responsibility does not implement, regulatory measures to such problem., the CPC central committee and state council attaches great importance to study * * * * * * such as general secretary, prime minister li keqiang, the party central committee and the state council leading comrades made important instructions, stressed the need to always attaches great importance to people's lives and property safety, this string must tighten security work, conscientiously implement the safe production responsibility system, take effective measures to strengthen the safety management, thorough screening, resolutely prevent and contain all kinds of safety accidents.To seriously implement the spirit of leading comrades of the CPC central committee and the state council important instructions, deep draw lessons from accidents and further do a good job in fire safety is put forward the following requirements:

  A, earnestly study and implement the party central committee and the state council leading comrades important instruction spirit, strengthen the safety consciousness of the red line.All localities and departments and units should earnestly study and understand the acquisition of * * * * * * such as general secretary, prime minister li keqiang, the party central committee and the state council leading comrades important instruction spirit, unified thought, knowledge and action, further strengthen the safety consciousness of the red line, the protection of people's lives and property safety as the primary responsibility, tightens the safe production in this string.To know the current production safety situation, fire safety to deploy and implement the work, adhere to the "four two straight" AnZha investigations, the major hidden dangers and illegal violation "zero tolerance", promote the production and business operation entities to pursue the idea of "zero" death and goals, and pays special attention to the security measures implemented.

  2, strictly implement the responsibility system for fire safety, fire safety management and supervision.All localities and departments and units should further strengthen the responsibility consciousness and bear spirit, increase the intensity of fire safety management and supervision, to strengthen the assessment of fire control work, further promote the territorial supervision responsibility of local government, departments, industry regulatory responsibilities such as production and business operation entity, the main body of responsibility for the implementation of fire safety responsibility system.Departments concerned should, in accordance with the "pipe industry must tube, pipe business must tube, pipe production must tube safety", earnestly implement the safety management responsibility, strict fire audit acceptance, deepen the key unit of fire safety "grid" and "hukou" management, promote and improve the fire safety management system.To strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of the fire of key units, supervise the implementation of the fire control safety responsibility, strengthen the safety precautions.

  Third, concentrating on fire control safety special inspection, timely eliminate fire hazards.Each region should immediately organize public security, civil affairs, education, health, safety supervision departments, deployment of personnel intensive place fire control safety inspection work, to the elderly, children, infants and young children, nursing homes, welfare homes, rescue management institutions for disabled persons, primary schools, kindergartens, and hospitals, as the key object, in building materials, electrical wiring, the evacuation passageway and fire fighting facilities as the focus, concentrating on fire hazard big screen.At the same time, strengthen the "triad" and "all-in-one" places, high-rise buildings and underground space, the integration of urban and rural areas, villages, about the key place of fire safety regulation, continue to intensify the labor-intensive enterprise fire safety special projects.As hidden danger of the accident to treat, strictly from solid screening regulation on fire control safety hidden trouble, do not false no vacancies, responsibility, work is not formal, the rectification is not compulsory.

  Fourth, the strict fire law enforcement, it is forbidden to use materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane foam plastics.All localities and departments and units should earnestly implement the "safety production law", "hereby", to strengthen the fire control safety supervision law enforcement, in view of the polystyrene, polyurethane foam plastics are easy to burn and produce poisonous gas features, concentrating on public gathering places using polystyrene, polyurethane foam plastics as a special decoration and thermal insulation material.Without fire acceptance, illegal use flammable combustible materials choi steel building construction, illegal use of polystyrene or polyurethane foam plastic wall thermal insulation layer, will be closed for;Impact on violations set fire channel and exit barriers, shall be forced to dismantle;On a network connecting electrical wiring, not equipped with fire fighting equipment facilities according to regulations, shall be in accordance with the rules strictly in accordance with the law to punish, and serious responsible shall be investigated for unit of responsibility.

  Five, the serious investigation fire fire accident, shall be investigated for responsibility seriously.Each region should according to "four pass" and "scientific rigorous, in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law, seeking truth from facts, pragmatic" principle, the serious investigation each fire fire accident, serious shall be investigated for responsibility according to regulation in accordance with the law.Should strictly carry out accident investigation on supervisory system, local government committee to subordinates to carry out fire fire accident investigation and handling of the implementation of listed supervisory, audit checks, impact on the properties, typical of serious accidents, to implement promotions.All accidents are to investigate the case within the prescribed time limit, and publish to the society investigate result in time.Carefully analyzing typical fire fire accident cases, in view of the problems exposed, take effective measures to prevent and fight to repeat similar accidents.


  Six lines, strengthen the security risk prevention and control of other key industries field.All localities and departments and units to extrapolate, combined with ongoing hidden perils in coal mine management, oil and gas pipeline hidden dangers rectification action to be completed, bus driver security commitments pledged activities before the start, "seat belt - life zone" special operation, comprehensive strengthening mine, petrochemical, dust, key industry sectors such as building construction, road traffic safety risk prevention and control.To according to the characteristics of the flood season of production safety, to further strengthen mine, tailings, dangerous chemicals, construction, water traffic, Marine fisheries, and other areas of the key industries safety regulation, further the management of all kinds of accidents, to strengthen to carry out the safety precautions, fight natural disasters cause any production safety accident.

  The committee office of the state council

  On May 28, 2015