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Zhangjiakou caused 23 dead explosions

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On the afternoon of November 29th, the Zhangjiakou Municipal Government held the second press conference of the explosion accident in Qiaodong District, and released the latest situation on the overall progress of the accident handling work, the treatment of the wounded, the registration of the disabled person and the identity verification of the victims.

 At present, the situation of accident casualties has not changed. National Health Emergency Office, Jishuitan Hospital, Anding Hospital 5 experts and Hebei Medical University First Hospital, Medical University Second Hospital, Medical University Fourth Hospital, Provincial Chest Hospital, Provincial Disease Control Center, Shijiazhuang First Hospital, Tangshan Workers Hospital, Baoding City Seventeen experts from the Fifth Hospital are assisting in the treatment of Zhangjiakou. They will further improve the treatment evaluation plan with Zhangjiakou medical rescue personnel, dispatch equipment such as burn emergency medicines and fluid beds, and actively carry out medical treatment.

In the field disposal work, the data on the live video, enterprises, personnel, vehicles, mobile phones and other data were collected and combed, and the registration, verification and loss assessment of damaged houses and vehicles were fully launched. Led by the Zhangjiakou City Safety Supervision Bureau, the public security fire department and the Shenghua company technical personnel jointly formed a hidden danger investigation team, entered the plant area and checked line by point, closely monitored the storage and transshipment of hazardous chemicals in the plant area, and carried out the damaged vehicles carrying oil and gas. Unloading, eliminating hidden dangers and preventing secondary disasters.

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