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Political department of the ministry of public security bulletin 283 fire officers talents

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  Zhejiang Ann fire (-)

  Recently, the ministry of public security political department bulletin for 2014 annual public security fire control forces officers talents award winning staff.By the recognition of the sergeant talents to a total of 283, among them the first prize winner of the 27, 85, the second prize winner 171 third prize winner.

  In 2014, the army aims to public security fire control forces at all levels adhere to, focus on the effective performance of the mission, strengthen construction on petty officer team, has achieved obvious results, effectively improve the battle effectiveness.The sergeant foothold official duty, wuxi, bears hardships and stands hard work, selfless dedication, the finish on fire fighting and rescue centered played an important role in various tasks, emerged a large number of exquisite with high comprehensive quality and professional skills, sergeant backbone role outstanding talented.Advanced for motivating, encouraging, according to "public security measures for the implementation of army officers in active service talents award bonus (try out)" requirements, the basic selection, the team recommended, selection, examined and approved by the ministry of public security political department of the ministry of public security fire department, decided to Alan seigrist 283 public security fire control forces such as sergeant talents award winning personnel shall be notified.

  The ministry of public security fire department stressed that commended noncommissioned officers want to cherish the honor, avoid arrogance, make persistent efforts, give full play to the exemplary role models, the construction for fire control work and troops made new again.Public security fire control forces of the masses of soldiers to be recognized sergeant for example, the army dream personal ambition, keep in mind the duties, to take root JingYing, based on the post.At all levels should strengthen and emphasize the sergeant talent team construction, to care about their growth progress, vigorously promote their advanced deeds, positive aggravation for them, and fully arouse the enthusiasm of officers, initiative and creativity, to effectively perform their duties according to the mission to provide strong support.

  In recent years, under the leadership of the party committee in the ministry of public security, public security fire control forces deepening officer system reform, system innovation management mechanism, vigorously implement the strategy of talent strong p, the sergeant has become forces combat training, the basic backbone of education management, operation and maintenance of the equipment of a line of talent, the backbone of the complete various tasks.After years of construction and development, the public security fire army officer team construction has achieved remarkable results, to enhance the overall quality, continuous optimization of talent structure.The ministry of public security fire department based on the functions of fire fighting forces in the new period task development and equipment construction and development needs, the revision issued "interim standard police firefighting army sergeant establishment", increase the sergeant proportion of total soldiers.At the same time, greatly increased on a line the number of fire fighting and emergency rescue station sergeant, maximum limit retained the backbone of business technology.Public security fire control forces to encourage officers at all levels to participate in in-service education and professional skill appraisal system, organization to carry out the petty officer post skills training and assistant foreman, fire engines, equipment and communications technicians and other professional training, further improve the sergeant team organization, management, education and training the ability of operating equipment.All levels of public security fire control forces training, publicity, command sergeant advanced typical, chun-ming jin, a large number of Jiang Aibing, Sun Jun outstanding sergeant commended by the party central committee and the state council and the central military commission, and abnormality is promoted to sergeant